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Effective Franchisee Coaching Comes From The Right Framework

All of our coaching programs, courses, and services are based on our proven framework from our Strategic Growth Coaching Guidebook.

For a long time, there wasn't an industry standard for proactively coaching your franchisees to create more:

Implement The Strategic Growth Coaching Process Into Your System

boost franchisee performance

Franchisee satisfaction

Franchise profitability

Validation for fran dev

So, the AC Inc. team, armed with 160+ years of experience, built and refined a proven process that empowers franchisees and gets results... Strategic Growth Coaching.

What's Included In The Strategic Growth Coaching Guidebook:

Vision planning process

Establishing franchisees' WHY

The N.O.W Assessment

Structure of coaching calls

The I.N.C list resource

Franchisee buy-in strategies

The Spot Plan Fix process

Scorecard and accountability

And so much more!

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What People are Saying About the Strategic Growth Coaching Framework

"Using the framework from AC Inc. led to a 94% organic franchisee buy-in to our coaching program."

Katarina, Training Director
Oxford Learning

"All Franchise Brands Should Implement the Strategic Growth Coaching Framework In Their Field Support Teams!"

Jennifer, Franchisor

"I wanted a more clear support structure in place for our franchisees and I'm so proud of the results!"

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How to Get The Framework


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Average franchisee buy-in for field coaching


Pages in the Strategic Growth Coaching Guidebook

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Built & Implemented By The Experts at AC Inc.


The Strategic Growth Coaching framework has been built, tested, and refined by the team of passionate field support specialists here at AC Inc.

Our framework is based on our tried and true strategies from 160+ years of experience as franchisees, leadership professionals, and field coaches.

Our approach is very collaborative, driven by our core values, and focused on transforming the franchise industry with effective field support.

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Field Support Advisor

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Field Support Advisor

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VP of Operations

Typically it takes 5-6 weeks to begin implementing the Strategic Growth Coaching with your franchisees as we take the first few weeks to dive deep into your system and build a coaching plan that is customized to your brand.

How long does it take to get Strategic Growth Coaching in place?

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with many brands with some form of franchisee support in place that are looking to optimize their framework. We recommend doing our Field Support Assessment to see where the opportunities for improvement are in your existing framework!

I already have franchisee support in place — do I still need this framework?

Any franchise system could see improved profits and happier franchisees with the Strategic Growth Coaching framework. Key indicators that a new framework is needed include: Disengaged franchisees, overwhelmed leadership team, and lower-performing locations. 

How do I know if I need to improve my existing franchisee support?

Yes! We spend the first few weeks of working with any brand diving deep into your concept, culture, and existing training to customize our framework for your franchisees. We then implement the coaching techniques through training, fractional solutions, or executive coaching.

Will the Strategic Growth Coaching framework work in my unique system?

Having effective field support in place for your franchisees improves profitability, validation, and franchisee satisfaction. Let's talk about maximizing your proactive coaching so your owners can better share your mission!

Let's Strengthen Your Field Support and Make an Impact in Your System!