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Transform Your Franchisees From Operators to Strategic Business Owners

This is the fractional franchisee coaching solution for your system. Performance Group Coaching from AC Inc. creates happier, more engaged franchisees!

The Fractional Solution for Franchisee Coaching

The AC Performance Groups are cohorts of 6 franchisees who gather to learn new skills, set goals, hold one another accountable and take action to grow their business.

Cohorts of 6 Franchisees

Franchisee Collaboration

12 Sessions Over 6 Months

Action Steps to Implement

90-minute Sessions

Includes Assignments 


Franchisees graduated with a strategic plan to grow their business


Of franchisees recommend the AC Performance Groups


Approval rating of the AC Inc. facilitators


Served more than 10 franchise industries from education to fitness

There are 18 modules in our Performance Group Coaching program, and we work with you to select the 12 sessions that will make the biggest impact with your franchisees.

We Help You Custom-Build Your Performance Group Coaching Curriculum

truly effective coaching

Financials (P&L)

SWOT Analysis

Community Marketing

Sales & Customer Service

Time management

And 13 More!

"I wish I had known sooner what was possible from attending an AC Inc. Performance Group coaching program. I’m certain our business would be at least DOUBLE the size of what it is now!"

Laura, Franchisee
MasterCare Janitorial

What Franchisees are Saying About the Performance Groups

I’m certain our business would be at least DOUBLE the size of what it is now!

This group is the best thing I’ve done to propel my business forward.

"Pre-pandemic we were doing well, but I was coasting in my business. Now, I truly know my numbers, I have a better sense of direction, and I feel a renewed interest in the business growth."

Allison, Franchisee
Oxford Learning Centre

The single most impactful thing I have done for my business.

"After taking part in the AC Inc. Performance Groups, I have a real plan for my business, and up until this point I don't feel like I had ever done solid business planning for my company."

Matt, Franchisee
30 Minute Hit

What The Performance Group Process Looks Like

Get on an initial call with our team

Field support evaluation to assess fit

Set up phase & onboarding period

Performance Groups launched!

We also offer a range of services for after your franchisees have gone through the Performance Groups (Masterminds, Field Coach Training, etc.)

Jenna Hilb

Field Support Advisor

Group Coaching From the Experts at AC Inc.

your fractional coaches

The AC Inc. team is a dedicated group of former franchisees and field coaches with 160+ years of experience. Each Performance Group gets a dedicated specialist facilitating the sessions.

Our team has a true passion for franchisee support, coaching, and success. The approval rating for AC Inc. facilitators is 100%. We take our role in your system seriously.

Stephanie Benze

Field Support Advisor

Brecon Gage

Field Support Advisor

Linda Young

Field Support Advisor

the guidebook

Our Performance Groups Are Built on The Proven Strategic Growth Coaching Process

Our curriculum and coaching techniques are all based on the 'Strategic Growth Coaching Guidebook' that the AC Inc. team has developed and used with our clients.

Trusted by Brands Like:

We partner with brands to provide effective field support for your system. We keep connected to your leadership team regularly throughout the Performance Groups, and any other fractional field coaching services.

How involved is the franchise company leadership team through the process?

Frequently Asked Questions

We have processes and tools in place to help you create buy-in and engagement from your franchisees early in the process. We’ll walk you through the steps to ensure your franchisees understand the why behind hiring our team.

How do we introduce you to our franchisees?

Having a team of experienced field support folks with proven processes helps you save money and time. Instead of trialing a bunch of strategies and taking time out of your leadership’s schedule to coach franchisees, you’ll have expert coaching in place and more time for leadership to focus on your own priorities.

Why hire AC Inc. instead of using our own team?

Put Performance Group Coaching in Place For Your Franchisees

Happy, engaged franchisees are the key to maximizing your system's success. The Performance Group Coaching solution is a proven solution for the franchisees in your system who are excited for growth but need effective coaching to see results.

fractional coaching is where it's at