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Professional development courses to elevate your franchisee coaching techniques, learn from others in your field, and level up your franchisee performance.

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Improve your skills as a Field Coach or Franchise Operations professional with these interactive online courses. Achieve your Level 1, 2, or 3 Field Coach Certification by taking the assigned courses and testing at each level.

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There is untapped potential in every franchise system that is unlocked when your field coaches and operations teams are equipped with expert professional development, certification, and resources.

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"Whether You Started Field Coaching 2 Months Ago With Your First Franchisee, or Have Been Doing This for 15 Years - I'd Highly Recommend The ACademy Courses "

Greg Przada, Franchise Business Advisor at Elite Window Cleanings 

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Download the Full ACademy Course Guide and Certification Checklist!

See the courses for Field Coach Certification Levels 1, 2, and 3 and track your progress with our checklist.

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How the ACademy Certification Works

Certification Details

Certification Process

Option One
Register for ACademy courses and after taking all required courses for each level, you can register for the final course for each level (111, 222, 333) to become certified.

Option Two
Use our ACcelerator program to certify your Field Coach team in-house at a faster pace. Contact us for ACcelerator cohorts and details.

At the end of each course, you'll receive a certificate of completion.

At the end of each level, you'll receive a digital badge that you can leverage on your resume, website, and franchise recruitment processes.

Level 2 and 3 Certified Field Coaches are registered on the AC Inc. website and must renew certification by taking any one course every 2 years.

Certify your Field Coaches and operations team members

Stand out in your franchise development and recruitment

Provide industry-leading professional development

Improve your franchisee validation, results, and royalties

ACademy Courses are Created by the AC Inc team: The Industry Experts in Field Coaching. 


Courses are live-online with a focus on interaction with the facilitator and peers.


ACademy content is constantly updated to be the leading source for field coaches.


Courses focus on actionable strategies that create tangible impact in franchise systems.

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How to Leverage ACademy Courses and Certification in Your System

Establish your company as a brand that believes in professional development and ongoing education for your employees.

Use ACademy certification on your franchise website as a way to stand out in your franchise recruitment.

Improve franchisee validation by investing in your field coaches, franchisee support, and operations teams.

Improve your royalties and create healthier franchisee lifecycles with expertly trained Field Coaches.

Frequently Asked Questions



These are live? Can I miss a session?
Yes our courses are live and interactive! And no, we don't offer recordings or make up sessions and 100% attendance is needed to complete the course. 

What happens if a course fills up?
If a cohort fills up (25 max participants) then we will look at course requests and try to open a second cohort during the same weeks on a different day.

What if I don't want to get certified?
ACademy courses can be used to achieve a Field Coach certification but you can also take them purely as professional development!

Are courses specific to Field Coaches?
We designed these courses for Field Coaches and operations leaders in franchising who support and coach franchisees - but anyone can take them!

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Katarina Robertson, Training Director @ Oxford Learning Centres

"All Franchise Teams Should Implement the AC Strategic Growth Coaching Framework In Their Field Support Teams - Absolutely 100%"

Interested in getting all of your Field Coaches certified in-house? We offer an ACcelerator version of the ACademy so you can certify your team faster.

Get Your Field Coaches Certified Even Faster with the ACcelerator

The accelerator

The Franchisee Field Coaching Foundations

level one courses

Perfect for any role that interacts and works with franchisees - these courses work towards your Level One Certification.

101: Strategic Growth Coaching
Transform your franchisees from operators to strategic business owners with these growth coaching methods, techniques, and tools.

102: Effective Communication Foundations
Establish the foundations of effective communication for field coaching, including motivational questioning and active listening methods.

103: Franchisee Motivation & Accountability
Learn techniques to coaching franchisee buy-in and motivation, how to discover a franchisee's why and fostering a culture of accountability.

111: Level 1 Certification 
This course will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge with interactive case studies and practical exercises.

Elevate Your Coaching Skills & Techniques

level two courses

Integral trainings for Field Coaches and Operations leaders - these courses work towards your Level Two Certification. 

201: Coaching Program Structure
Learn the effective coaching program structures including masterminds, and how to implement them successfully in your system.

202: Empowering Franchisee Leadership
Learn how to evaluate and enhance your franchisees leadership skills and confidence with specific tools and techniques.

203: Field Coach Self Assessment
Conduct an in-depth self-assessment on your soft skills, business skills, and coaching approach and how to maximize and improve on each.

204: Tailoring Your Coaching Approach
Learn tailored strategies for engaging with different franchisees – from low performers and disengaged to the top achievers.

222: Level Two Certification
This course will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge with interactive case studies and practical exercises.

Field Coach Approach and Mastery 

level three courses

Master your approach and establish your field coaching expertise - these courses work towards your Level Three Certification. 

301: Coaching Through Changes
Master the techniques of coaching franchisees through conflict resolution, challenging conversations, and changes in their business.

302: Field Coaching x Compliance
Nurture a culture of growth and compliance in your franchisees with sessions on course-correcting action plans and mindset training.

333: Level Three Certification
This course will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge with interactive case studies and practical exercises.

Our Course Library is Constantly Growing

Access our course library for what's coming up on the calendar. We're always adding new courses and we have a list of elective courses that focus on specific areas of field coaching.

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