For Decades, Franchising Had No Industry-wide Standard for Effective Franchisee Support

AC Inc and Zorakle Profiles partnered to created a Field Support Assessment using data from real Field Coaches. Now you can see how your Field Support measures up against other brands and spot areas to improve your training, development, and overall franchisee performance.

But Now It Does

Ensure people are in right roles

Improve franchisee performance

Improve franchisee satisfaction

Improve Field Coach training

Leverage the industry standard

How Assessing Your Field Support Impacts Your Franchise System

How the Field Support Assessment Works

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+ Results Analysis

+ Assessments

We start with a kickoff call and gather your franchisee onboarding and training materials to review so we can understand the needs of your franchisees.

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the process

+ Additional Solutions

+ Results Analysis

There are 3 elements of the assessment process:

Zorakle Eclipse Assessment: 15-20 minute assessment that analyzes the characteristics of the individual Field Support team members.

Field Coach Satisfaction Questionnaire: Anonymous survey for franchisees to evaluate the assigned Field Coach

Field Coach Evaluation Questionnaire: Survey for the leadership team to evaluate the individual Field Coaches

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How the Field Support Assessment Works

the process

+ Additional Solutions

Eclipse Comparison Report, presented by Chief Scientist Rebecca Monet: Walk through the Field Coach self-assessment compared to the industry Top Performing benchmark.

Action Step Report: The AC Team will produce an action step report detailing the opportunities and the recommendations for growth.

- Results Analysis

+ Assessments

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How the Field Support Assessment Works

the process

There are two additional ways we can assess your Franchisee Support - ask us about adding these solutions to your assessment!

60-minute exploration sessions with Field Coaches: The AC team will conduct 1:1 interviews with the team members to dig deeper into Eclipse results.

Shadow Field Coach coaching calls: The AC team will shadow, or watch recordings of, franchisee coaching calls to evaluate the team members in action.

- Additional Solutions

+ Results Analysis

+ Assessments

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How the Field Support Assessment Works

the process

Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Field Coaches and How to Improve Your Franchisee Support

the results

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The AC team is made up of former zees, zors, coaches, and entrepreneurs. We’re obsessed with culture & core values, enjoy a healthy dose of banter in team meetings, love seeing our clients succeed, and are based all across Canada and the USA.

The Team Behind the Field Support Assessment


What happens after we get our results?

After you review your results with Chief Scientist Rebecca Monet and the AC Inc team, you’ll get an action plan with our recommendations for improvements in your Field Support Framework.

For too long, franchising has lacked an industry standard for effective Field Support. Evaluating your Field Coaches will help you ensure you have the right people in the right roles, and that your Field Support is as effective as possible. With optimized Field Support you’ll see happier, more engaged franchisees and increased overall system revenue.

Why should I evaluate my coaches?

Take a look at your current evaluation process and ask yourself if it covers the following areas: Does it assess how well the employee is a fit for their role? Does it use science-backed data? Does it include the next steps and areas for improvement? The AC Field Support Assessment is more than an employee evaluation - it actually helps you improve your system performance.

I already evaluated our team, do we still need this? 

The Field Support Assessment is designed to ensure not only that you have the right people in the Field Support role, but more importantly to ensure your Field Support team has the right tools, professional development, and support to do their job to the best of their ability. We help systems present the Assessment in a way that focuses on how it will benefit their work and roles.

How do I bring this to my Field Coaches without getting pushback?

You’ll have two different reports that you’ll get walked through by Chief Scientist Rebecca Monet and the AC Inc team that will use graphics, charts, and explanations to showcase the results.

What will the results look like?

If your system has no Field Support in place, hop on an initial call with us to discuss our other services that help you put a Field Support Framework together OR have Fractional Field Coaching for your system!

I don’t have Field Support in place — how do I assess my system?

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Measure your field support against the industry standard and see the areas of opportunity to make your franchisee support the very best possible. See which of your coaches are most effective, and put professional development in place to help everyone maximize the impact of their role.

Get the Information You Need to Improve Your Field Support