The Field Coach Specialists at AC Inc and the Behavioural Characteristic Specialists at Zorakle Profiles partnered to created the franchise industry's first Field Coach Assessment using data from real Field Coaches.

we created one

Assessing Your Field Coaches Helps In Two Key Areas of Your System

Evaluate your current Field Coach team to ensure everyone is in the right seat and getting the training they need, AND in your Field Coach recruitment to analyze your shortlist by looking at their behavioural characteristics.


Register & Launch

We start with a kickoff call and gathering your franchisee onboarding and training materials to review so we can understand the needs of your franchisees.

Assessments (3)

Zorakle Eclipse Assessment: 15-20 minute assessment that analyzes the characteristics of the individual Field Support team members.

Field Coach Satisfaction Questionnaire: Anonymous survey for franchisees to evaluate the assigned Field Coach

Field Coach Evaluation Questionnaire: Survey for the leadership team to evaluate the individual Field Coaches

Results Analysis

Eclipse Comparison Report, presented by Chief Scientist Rebecca Monet: Understand the Field Coach self-assessment compared to the industry top performing benchmark.

Action Step Report: AC Inc Team will produce an action step report detailing the opportunities and the recommendations for growth.

Added Solutions

Ask about adding these to your assessment!

60-minute exploration sessions with Field Coaches: The AC team will conduct 1:1 interviews with the team members to dig deeper into Eclipse results.

Shadow Field Coach coaching calls: The AC team will shadow, or watch recordings of, franchisee coaching calls to evaluate the team members in action.


Didn't read all the steps? Long story short... We'll learn about your system, conduct 3 assessments, and walk you through 2 detailed reports.

Your Data Is Interpreted by Experts at Every Step of the Field Coach Assessment

Your results aren't just spit out of automated software. All of the reports are created and interpreted by the experts at Zorakle and AC Inc. The demands of the Field Coach role differ depending on the processes, industry, and culture of your company so we create customized reports for each franchise system.

Provide professional development and continued training for your Field Coaches to fill their gaps

How Franchise Brands are Leveraging the Field Coach Assessment

let's look at the value

Improved franchisee performance as their Field Coach develops and hones their skills

Limit wasted time and money by including The Assessment when hiring new Coaches 

Move people into the right roles in your system to get the most out of your team and franchisees

Book a call with us to discuss your system's Field Coaching needs. We offer fractional solutions and even support with hiring a Field Coach.

What If I don't have Field Coaches Yet?

Frequently Asked Questions

You'll be walked through 2 reports by Chief Scientist Rebecca Monet and the AC Inc team to showcase the results of your assessment through charts & graphics.

What Will My Results Look Like?

We help you present the Assessment as a tool to help everyone in your company. This process helps you not only ensure people are in the right roles, but that you're providing them effective development and training.

How Can I Bring This to my Coaches?

Does your current process use science-backed data? Does it include next steps? Does it assess how well the employee is a fit for their role? The Assessment does it all and is a great addition to standard role evaluation.

What If I Already Evaluate Our Coaches?

Franchisee success is an (often untapped) method for system and royalty growth and Field Coaches have the biggest impact on franchisees' performance. The Assessment is an opportunity to measure your Field Coaching against the industry standard to improve and maximize this area of your business. Let's do it.

Get the Information You Need to Improve Your Franchisee Performance 

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